Scammers claiming to be from the ATO

Scam activity targeting taxpayers has significantly ATO Scamincreased in the lead up to tax time.

We have been made aware of scammers who are claiming to represent the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and are contacting clients using telephone, SMS and email.

Scammers are aggressively threatening taxpayers with arrest, lawsuits and further legal action unless they comply with requests to settle bogus ATO debt; providing a return phone number or website link through which to settle the account.

Recipients are being asked for personal details, Tax File Numbers (TFNs) and payment details.

The ATO will never contact anyone via SMS or email or make unsolicited phone calls with a request for personal or financial information.

If you have a registered tax agent,  the ATO should be contacting your tax agent with any queries, not yourself.

In the event you do receive such communication, please do not supply any personal information, make any payments or open any electronic links or attachments.

If you suspect you have responded to an ATO scam we recommend you speak to your financial institution and contact your local police.

Scammers claiming to be from the ATO
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