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Thinking of setting up a home business but you are having trouble connecting to the remote services? Residential-trans

Technosavvy Residential can help with all computer concerns!

We know the importance of being connected. For many of us having access to the internet for business or residential use is just an accepted part of life. But this is not the case for everyone. For some of us, the thought of modems, wifi, software installation, virus protection, backups and parental controls is just too much to bear, and you would just like some help……Technosavvy Residential can help

In the end, we all just want it to work with the least amount of trouble and effort. Sometimes though, we just need some help to get started.

That’s where TechnoSavvy comes in by offering the following services:

  • Complete home set-up
  • Secure wireless network installation and set-up
  • Networking your devices
  • Troubleshooting smart phones / tablets / computers
  • Home theatre, multimedia and gaming consoles
  • Virus removal, repair and troubleshooting
  • Software installation and education
  • Social media set-up and parental controls
  • Cloud Services
  • Backups / Restores / Recovery

TechnoSavvy technicians are friendly, genuine and down to earth and like to help.

You will hear no “geek speak” from us, or explanations designed to make us sound superior, just plain old fashioned service and a job well done.
In fact, we want you to ask questions like:
“How does this work?”
“What does this do?”
“Why do I have to buy that?”
“Is my computer safe and protected and How do I avoid issues?”

TechnoSavvy takes pride in teaching people how things fit together, it’s what sets us apart.

We aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions so that they can be as excited about technology as we are, and more importantly share that enthusiasm with others!

Technology doesn’t have to be difficult. Having access to the internet and a good home office opens doors and windows you never knew existed. About time you found out what they are? Then click here to view our vetted blogs/podcasts/websites. You’ll never know what you find.

Assistance is fee for service and with mobile Eftpos available, payment can be made upon job completion. We make it that easy! We come to you to make sure it all works in your home – where you need it the most.

For an obligation free quote submit your request here or better yet – call us today on 0401 500 453!

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