iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch is here


Apple has just released their free iOS9 software update.

iOS 9 is the new operating system for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and with it comes new applications and features:

  • News -the new built in app News puts all the stories you’re interested in, all in one place
  • Notes – improvements to the Notes app now allows you to create checklist of to-dos, add a photo, map, or web link,  draw a sketch with your finger. And sync your changes to all your devices on iCloud. You can also add to your notes from whatever app you’re in
  • Maps – Now you can use public transportation with Maps as your guide (When available in Australia)
  • Wallet – Use Apple Pay to securely and easily make purchases with your credit cards (When available in Australia)
  • iCloud Drive – improvements to the iCloud Drive app now allows you to access any file you save to iCloud from just one place
  • Multitasking – On the iPad you can now open a second app without leaving the one you’re in. You can also display a split view or picture in picture.
  • QuickType – Clean up your typed text with the new Shortcut Bar, convenient editing tools, and a handy new way to select text with Multi-Touch gestures.
  • Siri – A number of improvements to Siri  allows it to search a wider range of topics for a wider range of answers.
  • And much much more.


iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch is here
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